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Green Open Space

Harlow Green is a house building development just over the road from the world famous RHS Harlow Carr complex. This is a prime location and a prestige site.

We are incredibly proud carry out all landscaping works on the 4 year development as well as the contract to maintain the site. To match the surrounding areas included the RHS complex, it was integral to get this site to the same high standard.

Creating large open green spaces for people to enjoy and help with planning and the overall appeal to site was a major part to getting the development underway.

We have carried out a number of services including mass; tree, shrub, whip and bulb planting, grass and wildflower seed areas along with tree planting.

The outcome of the landscaping will give instant impact and with our ongoing maintenance package which means we will be able keep the development looking fresh and tidy as the green spaces establish.